Jhi Lung Tools Industry Corp. -- Pliers, Linesman Pliers, Longnose Pliers, Groove Joint Pliers

Jhi Lung Tools Industry Corp. is one of Taiwan's leading manufacturers of professional hand tools, especially the pliers.

After years of development, the company is now concentrating on the production of professional hand tools by adopting sophisticated production equipment. All the company's products have to pass through strict inspection procedures before they are shipped.

At present, the company's major product lines are pliers, linesman pliers, diagonal pliers, longnose pliers, cutting pliers, fence pliers, groove joint pliers, and other kinds of hand tools.

Jhi Lung has a factory equipped with advanced production equipment in Taiping City of Tiachung County, central Taiwan. Over the past several years, the company has dedicated itself to churning out professional hand tools featuring unique designs to meet the requirements of foreign customers of the upper marketplace.

The company uses "Mariner's" brand name. Its products have been widely accepted by buyers from around the world.